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15 years of knowledge into one handbook:


The shift of dentistry is here. As we see a sharp decline in dental disease, we are seeing a sharp increase in opportunity in aesthetic dentistry. AORTA Australia knows that dental practitioners are always working on finding new ways to increase staff and patient satisfaction, chair efficiency and profitability. AORTA is also aware how daunting it is to increase your scope without having the fundamental knowledge and a clear grasp of key clinical concepts.


That is why we have developed a clinical handbook specifically to meet the needs of dentists who would like to increase their clinical knowledge of clear aligners through key concepts on aesthetic orthodontics, aligner prescription and troubleshooting.

Although the concept of aesthetic orthodontics may be new for some, we have been living and breathing it for the last 15 years, completing thousands of cases and winning multiple awards and honours around the way. We have travelled the world in our pursuit of excellence and have done our best to distil this wealth of knowledge into a quick reference clinical handbook.


This book is a summary of all the pertinent points and key lessons we’ve learnt along the way. We trust that you find this handbook useful on your journey and use it frequently to guide your own pursuit of excellence!


You will learn:

- Clear aligner principles
- Aesthetic orthodontic principles
- Goals of software setup
- 8 keys to successful software setup
- The ultimate tooth movement cheat-sheet
- Simple, Advanced, Complex (SAC) protocols

- Troubleshooting: diagnosis and treatment planning, photo taking, aligners not fitting, tooth not rotating, posterior open bite, recession, allergies to aligners, cleaning of aligners
- Tips and tricks
- Clinical case overview
- & More!


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AORTA Clinical Handbook (Hardcover version)

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